Harnessing the Power of Instagram to Boost Your Business

amplify Jan 15, 2015

In the face of Facebook's slowly declining reach, companies and brands are racing to discover the next big social media goldmine. Recently, Forbes touched on the untapped potential that is Instagram. It has vast commercial potential, so much so that Lydia Dishman, contributor for Forbes, referred to it as "One of the world's most powerful selling tools." Here are five ways Instagram is an unrealized jackpot for marketing, and why you should claim your own little corner of this large and ever-growing social media site.

In this article, you will discover how to:

  • Use your Instagram account to better relate to your customers.
  • Link your business to your Instagram to encourage views and sales.
  • Use the power of hashtagging to build a stronger relationship with your customers.

"Raw" Photo Rule

The most significant upside to Instagram's potential is its purely photo-based platform. However, this is also the biggest challenge. Instagram users reward compelling, emotion-filled photos, so each picture you post really has to be worth 1,000 words. By posting striking and emotion-inducing images of their products, brands also instill the desire to purchase as well as making their items memorable.

The Potential of Hashtagging

Another marketing challenge presented by Instagram is its lack of direct links, instead opting to group and link photos together via a hashtagging system. This system could be used to gain new followers if a brand was to tap into highly popular tags such as #instagood, #throwbackthursdays, and #latergram. This method is also a way to group together pictures intended for marketing purposes, generate more submissions, and go from a user submitting an image to buying a product. Photos submitted to your hashtag can be grouped into a stunning collage, which you can display in a gallery on your webpage. 

Give Your Followers Purchasing Power

Of course, collecting and submitting pictures is only part of it. Use your branded hashtag to reply to users who post under it, keeping your relationship with your buyers authentic. People love when their favorite brands respond to them, so use this system in your favor. Brands can also set up triggered responses to photos using their hashtag, showing up automatically as a comment on the picture. This encourages users to make purchases and keep coming back for more. 

Ditch The Paid Models

Customers love when brands relate to them, like with the branded hashtags. Instagram allows brands to fill their marketing campaign with real customers. Also, well-known bloggers who post under your tag present an opportunity also to direct their followers to your website and brand tag. They can use their online presence to influence their followers to follow and make purchases. 

Connect Galleries To ECommerce

Extend the impact of Instagram galleries by connecting them to relevant product suggestions in the display gallery or microsite. For example, a woman who posted about her new dress using a marketing campaign hashtag might like to see your spring or summer collection under that same tag. 

Instagram has tremendous potential for marketing, and the numbers just keep going up as it gains grounds as one of the top social media sites. If you would like to read more about this topic or other eCommerce strategies and tips, feel free to visit us at our website.


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