Show Up + Shine 3-Month Planner

The versatile planner for entrepreneurs, executives, leaders, creatives, students, and any combination of them all.

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The Breakdown

Get a breakdown of the Show Up + Shine 3-Month Planner with the creator, me.

Crafted For You


so you can go at your own pace

Lay-flat Design

so you can make the most out of every page

3 Spine Ribbons

to keep your place with monthly, weekly, and daily

How to Use It

Firstly, you can start using your planner anytime. All of the monthly, weekly, and daily pages can be custom dated. So, you can stop and start using your planner at any time.

Annual Goals

Start by jotting down your yearly goals on your Annual Goals page. List everything you want to get done thru the course of the year. You’ll refer back to this regularly to make sure you are on the path to meet your goals, and if you are not, you can course-correct.

Once you have all of your annual goals listed, you can organize them further by noting in which quarter you want to accomplish them. You have a column beside each goal so you can check it off once achieved.

You’ll continue to add to this page throughout the life of your planner. When it is time to move into your next 3-month planner, you’ll transfer incomplete goals to the new and repeat the process.


Roadmaps are useful to structure your thoughts around a project at the onset. Use these pages as your project plans to help you tackle your goals. Start by stating your goal and then list the milestones that will demonstrate progress on the road to achieving your goal. Once you have your milestones, break down the next actions/tasks that will help you hit each milestone.

Design the Week

Use the Design the Week page to map out your ideal schedule for the week. Structure the week so you can get everything you want to do, and need to do, done. This would include blocking out time for the gym Monday through Friday, your work prep for each day, your meals, your recurring meetings, church, and even time to play with your pup.

It may seem rigid to plan personal along with your professional time blocks, but when you don’t—something suffers. Remember, this is your “ideal” schedule. You have to give yourself permission to adjust it as needed.

Daily Rituals

Similar to designing your week, you’ll want to map out your daily ritual with the Daily Rituals page by listing the actions you want to do every day and carving out specific time for each. This is everything you do each morning when you first arrive at work and everything you do at the end of each workday to prepare for the next day, your daily startup, and your daily shutdown.

Crafting your daily rituals helps you surround your day with the discipline to give you a great foundation to accomplish great things.

Monthly Calendar

Start by filling in your calendar with the correct dates corresponding with the days of the week. Here’s where you plot out your month in advance by jotting down key events, milestones, and deadlines. You’ll refer to the Monthly Calendar as you build out your Weekly Positioning and Daily Pages.

You have space on each day to add a Thoughtful Calendar item such as birthdays, anniversaries, or other personal reminders for the people in your life. Use it for reminders to check in with loved ones and co-workers.

Weekly Positioning

At the beginning of each week, take a moment to plot the course by filling in your Weekly Positioning page. Reflect on the previous week and celebrate the wins. Then document the milestones you are working towards for the next week. From there, plan the week and bring forward events and deadlines from your Monthly Calendar pages to the Plan the Week section of your Weekly Positioning. Here you can map out what you expect or need to do and when. Be mindful not to load Monday up with everything.

Daily Page and Notes

Use your Daily Pages as your day-to-day workspace. Start by labeling each Daily Page with the date. Then transfer any calendar events from your Weekly Positioning and your Monthly Calendar to your schedule.

At the top of each daily page, you have space for your Daily Positioning Statement (DPS). Your DPS is where you’ll write down where you are putting your focus for the day. You can even put something to inspire you, like an inspirational quote or the big project that needs the most emphasis for the day. After you document where you are putting your focus, jot down your targets for the day, and then next actions/tasks.

Throughout the day, use your Daily Notes page for, well, taking notes. The key is to make this space your workspace. It will help you stay organized on the day, and give you an archive to reflect on past days.

What People Say

The Show Up and Shine is excellent! It's a great way to structure your thoughts around your long-term and short-term goals, and then plan your next actions around those goals for the coming day and week. Definitely check it out! - Ryan B.

My favorite part is that it is so much more than just a daily organizer - goal setting and reflection activities are built right in. This helps me to reflect on my accomplishments and consider where I can make improvements, which makes it easier to stick to my business plan. - Lina S.

This planner has been a game-changer for me! This is a great tool for entrepreneurs. Besides the beautiful design, the layout is so versatile. With this planner, staying organized and focused is a lot easier. - Michelle S.

The Show Up + Shine Story

My name is Joshua Harrell. I am an entrepreneur, marketer, and author. But, I have a confession. Sometimes there are so many ideas bouncing around in my head that I cannot function. It is easier for me to do nothing at all than to organize, prioritize, and plan out my next actions.

It is a debilitating state of affairs.

I have used different productivity systems, such as David Allen's "Getting Things Done," which I love. I've also purchased a variety of different planners and journals to keep me on course. And, of course, I embraced technology like Apple's Reminders and 37 Signals' Basecamp. All of the tools and systems that I have employed have served their purpose, but I needed something more.

I needed a planner that had enough structure to keep me organized and productive, while still looking stylish because that matters too. I needed something that helped me win whatever I found myself doing, like writing a book, collaborating with my team, traveling to events—the list goes on.

It may sound silly, but it couldn't be a massive book adding to my load when I travel. It couldn't be a stiff book that didn't open all the way and lay flat on my desk. It couldn't be wire bound and scratch up my electronics when they rubbed into each other in my work bag.

So, I crafted the Show Up + Shine Planner with pages for documenting goals, projects, tasks, notes, and reminders for the year, the month, and the week all bound in a flexible, faux leather binding. It has three spine ribbons in persimmon, indigo, and plum, so you'll never lose your place. It's a sexy planner.

And, 'sexy' means it looks good, and it works.

Try it for yourself and join The Show Up + Shine Society of entrepreneurs, executives, leaders, creatives, and students from all around the world.

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