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amplify Nov 13, 2017

In the current climate of digital commerce, a powerful website is just as important as your product and services. You probably don't handle the service on your delivery trucks or troubleshoot your network issues or even do your own taxes. Why then would you assume the responsibility of maintaining your website when online sales and marketing are so crucial to success in every industry? Have you compared your traffic and web-related results with other companies in your field? Do similar companies have a strong campaign on their website? Just having a website or online identity is not enough.

Are you operating about the same or could competing companies and their approach to website success be making a difference? Website strategies take on different perspectives depending on the industry and your company, but in this market, every company should be considering their online presence as much as any other aspect of the business.

Ideal websites are modern and fresh, watching trends both online and on the streets and making changes when it's best for the business. Knowing when to make changes can be hard to predict, but those changes or the lack thereof can make all the difference in your growth and overall success. This says nothing of the potential data that can be gathered about your business and your consumers, by using online feedback as a key tool.

Here are some important tips on increasing your website's impact on your business. It's important to act at the right time if you want to see results in the coming quarter.

SEOs are always changing. Your site should follow suit. ~ Keeping up with changing SEO patterns is the key to ensuring high search traffic on your site. Just as important are new topics, graphics, and current trends in your industry. Your page can never be boring, but must also maintain just enough familiarity to make your brand recognizable.

Pay attention to customer usage and expectations. Encourage feedback. ~ When a company or their website is hard to comprehend and impossible to get a hold of, this leaves the impression that you don't want to be contacted because you know you're not doing your best. Make comments and contact big and bold. Respond quickly and thank visitors for whatever they've brought to your attention. Customer expectations can be determined through reviews, praise, and complaints. Tap into talk about your products and webpage to make preventive decisions and market predictions. Reach out to exceptional clients to become better acquainted with your public, whether their experience was good or bad.

Google issues algorithm updates. Don't ignore them. Google is a massive machine of flowing information. Never dismiss the tools that have been put in place to help you maintain and maneuver your position in that chain. The Google tools are user-friendly and their tech support wants you to succeed as much as we do.

Insert hidden code on the page and within sub-pages to communicate with Google on what the page is about. ~ If you aren't familiar with Google code, your IT staff should be. Decide on terms and SEO that set your company apart from others in your industry. It's great to have your website appropriately placed in your market group, but even more phenomenal is to stand out within that group. When updated often, these terms and clues to keep the search engine's understanding of your business highly accurate will leave an immediate and significant impression on your web traffic. This translates to profit and better chances of gaining long-term clientele.

If it sounds like this is a lot to stay on top of, that's because it is. Staying on top of your website is just another aspect of any business. Consider these options to stay organized and make a tough job a little easier.

  •       Make changes, any changes, to your page often. Even if you think everything is looking good and response is favorable, finding ways to deliver the same quality, with just a little variety here and there is something every website should accomplish.
  •       The public will tire of the same thing all the time, even when it's something they have used and enjoyed. They want to be teased with new products or services on the horizon. Know when and how to invite public opinion with fun, interactive games or surveys. Maybe even give something away!
  •       You have to give customers a reason to come back to your page. If they are convinced that they already know what they're going to see, what's the point in checking in every day or so? When there is always something new and exciting coming from your page, they'll be checking in every hour and telling their friends to do the same. They'll be sharing your page on social media every time they see something new. High traffic not only equals new sales and higher profit, but also a much more attractive site for advertising revenue. These are all things that have to be timed just right.

Like any part of business, new website strategies may be overwhelming at first, but with an organized plan, it will eventually become a successful habit that keeps you ahead of the market.


Consider Joshua Harrell for a more in-depth explanation of how to implement these and other strategies for optimum site exposure and accessibility. Our goal is to draw everyone to your business, promising a good experience and the motivation to return.



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