Reaching Prospects with Advertising Media

amplify Jun 12, 2019

Marketers are in charge of keeping the sales cycle going, and in order to do so, they must put out some form of advertising to get the word out. In today’s digital age, many marketing teams are heading online to do their advertising, but that doesn’t mean traditional methods are dead—at least not yet.

What is Advertising Media?

Advertising media encompasses all advertising mediums. With both traditional and digital mediums available for advertising, marketers get to take their pick when it comes to choosing the right advertising media for their brand, such as:

  •       Print materials
  •       Billboards (traditional/electronic)
  •       Radio
  •       Television
  •       Internet ads
  •       Social Media
  •       Email and more

Choosing the right advertising media for your brand comes down to your target market and what mediums they respond to. This requires careful testing and the collection of plenty of data so you can make a fully informed decision.

The Difference Between Organic and Paid Advertising

As a marketer, you’re sure to know that there isn’t always a large budget to help you spread the word of your products and services. That’s why it is essential to know the difference between organic and paid advertising.

Yes, each has its place in your marketing strategy. It comes down to which types of advertising will suit your brand’s needs the most and whether organic or paid advertising it more worth the time, effort, and resources.

Organic Advertising

Organic advertising is unpaid advertising, such as social media posts that aren’t sponsored or a good word-of-mouth campaign. Organic advertising is excellent in that it comes at no additional cost to your brand. Sure, it may take more time and effort, but, when done correctly, it can serve a brand well in the long run.

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising comes in a wide range of mediums, such as airtime on television and radio as well as pay-per-click ads online and sponsored posts across social media. While these methods are great for getting short-term, immediate results, they often cost brands a pretty penny, and not everyone has an extensive marketing budget to work with.

Best Types of Advertising Media for Reaching New Prospects

When it comes to choosing the best advertising media for your brand, it can be challenging to choose between the various methods available. Should you go with broadcast ads? Alternatively, do you go with digital ads? While TV advertising revenue in the US is expected to grow from 71 billion in 2018 to 74 billion in 2022, digital advertising expenditures are expected to increase by approximately 85% between 2018 and 2023—that means the US digital ad spend is expected to grow from 108 billion to 201 billion.

So, while digital advertising media is something worth considering, it doesn’t mean that more traditional advertising media isn’t worth investing in. Below, are four of the top advertising media methods marketers should be considering.

Digital Advertising

As stated earlier, digital advertising media, such as email marketing and Facebook ads, are continuing to grow in popularity. More and more individuals are spending time online, checking their emails, and streaming their favorite music and shows on the go. These various forms of advertising media can come in both paid and organic forms, so it offers marketing teams the most diversity when creating campaigns and reaching potential prospects.

Broadcast Advertising

Broadcast advertising comes in the form of more traditional advertising media, such as television and radio. While some believe that this medium is quickly dying off, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. These forms of advertising generally are paid ads, but it is still considered one of the most popular methods for reaching a large number of consumers quickly.

Print Advertising

With more businesses focusing on their digital advertisements, print advertising is slowing down, but not enough to take it off the list of the best advertising media. While the overall spending pattern in the United States seems to be taking a downward trend, in 2018, the print advertising expenditure was estimated at around $24.66 billion—meaning that the print advertising industry is still a thriving option.

Wrapping Up

Choosing the right advertising media for your brand takes a lot of studying and testing amongst your consumers. While advertising trends are leaning heavily towards digital advertising, that doesn’t mean marketers shouldn’t consider advertising media. It all comes down to defining who your target market is and what they best respond to. While Millennials may gravitate heavily towards social media marketing, those that fall into Generation X or the Boomers group may prefer broadcast advertising for receiving marketing materials.

Remember, you need to meet your consumers where they’re at, not expect them to come to you. So, that means testing various advertising methods out and slowly narrowing your choices down until you find the one that nets you the most return on investment.


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