Has Your Audience Lost That Loving Feeling? 5 Ways to Bring Back the "Like" Button.

amplify Feb 13, 2020

Where the heck did January go? Here we are, almost ready to celebrate Valentine's Day and it really got me to thinking about just how much a great audience/brand relationship is like a great long-term relationship with the love of your life. You really have to be willing to put in work, especially when things are feeling a little on a downward slump.

If your audience has lost that loving feeling, here are 5 ways to bring back the "like" button just in time for Valentine's Day...

Get out of your "I quit life" sweatshirt and makeover your posts. 

On second thought, wear whatever you want. For all your audience knows you are the reincarnation of Audrey Hepburn, but your posts are not.

Your posts are boring and sad... and nobody is supposed to be sad at Tiffany's.

If you are consistently reminding your audience to take advantage of offers or get in on deals before it is too late, it may already be too late - because you may really suck at this. (Just kidding. Never too late, but you may need to rethink your entire strategy PRONTO.)

If you offer to offer as many offers as anyone else out there is offering... ok, see, I can't even make it through my own joke. Somebody help. Just don't be that offers-only brand, ok? Don't make me lecture you. That brand is like the manila folder of social media marketing. 

In fact, the hottest trend of the moment right now is basically the polar opposite of manila folders. Pretty posts that share inspiration on the backdrops of floral/indie designs, geometric shapes, and whimsical illustrations are getting plenty of love right now. If it looks pretty, if it sounds pretty... people will share it, like it, and pin it. 

John Wayne ain't got nothing on your fringe game... Hell no.

So, everybody needs something extra to tack on to their dueling vest and everybody also needs something extra to add on to their social media's starting lineup. From 360-degree videos to live feeds, the wave of the future is in the details. Both concepts are still fairly new and I think the reason we aren't seeing everyone using them already is that nobody really knows where the hell to start.

Creativity is key. Try live feeds with Q and A's or AMAs (ask me anything sessions) and spend the next hour hashing it out with your audience. Don't be afraid to go to new places and be yourself. Brands with personality are brands that sell. Stop putting people to sleep. If you have killed more than 3 people simply by causing them to fall asleep into a bowl of Cheerios while reading your feed, John Wayne's fringe game does have something on yours, but it shouldn't, because I believe in you and I think you can totally come back for the win. Now, about those 3 people... tell me more.

Stop posting the same exact information to every feed you own. You're better than this. You're so much better than this!

I cannot tell you how many celebrities I have followed over the years thinking "Gee, this feed is so great! I think I'm gonna follow them here and here too. I bet that will be even more fun! I bet they will post pictures of their grocery store carts... and dogs... and dogs in their grocery carts!" (Ok, I know. Cringe. Facepalm. Please don't laugh and point. My life has gotten far more interesting over the past few years. I promise. I now found plenty of weird people like me who post pictures of dogs in grocery carts.) Do you know what happened, though? I followed the same feed on three different platforms and, to be honest, it low-key sucked.

Different platforms are for different information. You should trickle in with links to your other platforms now and then, but don't post the exact same thing everywhere. Sure - you won't mean to convey that you don't care or aren't trying, but your audience will feel like you don't and aren't... and we all know how emotionally charged social feeds can get. (They have, after all, been the source of many warring 55-year-old tweet-tantrum fights between friends.) So just do yourself a favor and be unique. You'll keep more followers across the board. Promise.

If you're gonna offer stuff. Offer to offer stuff that doesn't benefit just you.

Ok, I'm gonna try that joke again. It failed the first time and I'm not a quitter so here it is to fail yet again. If you are going to offer things, offer the occasional things that show you as the upstanding brand you are. For example, a café might try a funny Valentine's concept to just gain a little buzz and probably make a few people's days suck less. That café might say something like "Other half-and-half leave you? We love you. Come to Charley's Coffee. We're serving up love-you-a-lattes free from 12-1 today... and we'll even let you draw a pre-selected pep talk out of our jerk-jar to remind you why you're better off anyway."

People love to feel liked, but you already knew that.

Be Yourself.

Nobody says it. Everybody knows it. We all have a "public face" and a "behind the scenes face." Yep. Even the craziest people you know. Guess what... they are crazier when they are alone. Take me for example. Crazier.

What you want to portray to your audience is probably one of your personalities in-between. Be too correct and you'll be deemed boring. Plus, you will have zero fun marketing your business because you are always pretending to be something you aren't.

Then, again, show the world the you that picks your nose and says only strings of offensive words that make old ladies blush and you'll be deemed a nose-picking, potty mouth. The answer is being you without being so crazy that you scare people. Need a good analogy? Don't be the Pope (that's a done deal, anyway). Don't be Marilyn Manson circa 1999 either. Be the you that got out of jail early on good behavior.

As you gear up to bring the "like" back to your brand/audience relationship, remember that every relationship has its ups and downs. You just have to be willing to put in a little effort and pass the Netflix remote now and then. Trust me, you've got this and if all else fails, send chocolate. Chocolate fixes almost anything. Almost.



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