Are You a Lone Wolf? 4 Real-Life Collaborations to Inspire a Teamwork-Driven

lead Aug 13, 2019

Nobody ever runs a good race alone. In fact, most great athletes are not only a product of their own hard work but, behind-the-scenes they have likely received a lot of help.  No one ever really crosses the finish line alone – even those who claim they do.

If you aren’t a sports fanatic, let me tell you a little story about a pineapple under the sea. You guessed it, like Sandy Cheeks and spacesuits, Mr. Krabbs and his hard-earned money, Spongebob and Patrick Star, some of the best things in life happen in pairs.  Rarely does any good ever come from going it alone. Need proof? Just reference the “Alone” episode.

While you may never find any duos quite as weird and wonderful as these on-screen pairings, these real-life collaborations will inspire you to seek teamwork while simultaneously showcasing your own individuality in the process.

Sergey Brin and Larry Page Helped Us Search the World From the Sofa.

From “what the heck is this red stuff on my kneecap” to “where do I find a banana costume on short notice”, Google takes on the world’s questions. In fact, a quick way to realize that everybody in the world is just as weird as you are is to look at Google’s suggested phrases just below the text box. You have not lived until you discover someone out there is looking up “how to make a table made entirely of gelatin.”

Long before Google was your go-to companion for everything – and I do mean everything – it was just a toy for two techy buddies who created the would-be Google to play around with algorithms. However, it did not take long until this extracurricular venture became the Google that we know and love today. From marketing tools we cannot live without to finding it all in one simple space, these two talented friends brought us the magic of the world at our fingertips and we never even needed to get off the sofa.

Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield Teamed Up to Sweeten the Worst Moments of Our Lives.

If you have ever eaten Ben and Jerry’s ice cream after a bad breakup, then you already know that Chunky Monkey might not change the world, but it does help you feel like your world is slightly less out of orbit. While their story might not change history, there is beauty in Ben and Jerry’s collaboration.  The two vowed to be individuals through it all, even in a world as black and white as ice cream making. Ben would focus on the chunky elements of the ice cream while Jerry would focus on the smooth, creamy backdrop for the marshmallows and chocolate chunks. You couldn’t have one without the other. While it seems like a small feat in comparison to other collabs on this list, this sweet team took on something as small as ice cream and made it into big business. These buds give us marketing gurus something to aspire to.

Hand in Hand, Paul McCartney, and John Lennon Rock the World.

No one had any way of knowing the impact of when Paul McCartney and John Lennon teamed up to sing “I Wanna Hold Your Hand”. At a time when war was on the minds of everyone, these two brought the peace and love movement to a people who needed both more than ever. Together, these two formed The Beatles, and even so many years later, their albums still manage to outsell even the most recent of releases. It just goes to show you; you never know what good can come from the power of two.

The Wright Brothers Gave Us Wings We Never Knew We Had.

Some brothers pinch each other.

Some brothers hit each other over the head with metal toy cars.

Some brothers blame it on the other brother even when they are HOLDING the car.

Some brothers take funny pictures of you when you are sleeping for blackmailing purposes. (Don’t ask.)

Then, there are the Wright Brothers who somehow managed to create a whole freaking plane together without killing each other.


If it were not for the Wright Brothers, we would all still be sitting in the airport waiting for a flight to that cross-country meeting with new clientele. In fact, if there were no airplanes at all, we would be driving to that same meeting and probably stuck in a carpool with the other guy from the office who insists on singing karaoke and making weird dance gestures to Britney Spears songs that make us super uncomfortable. Now, instead of taking a week-long drive, we can fly anywhere we need to go in a matter of hours.

Don’t stay caught up in the “me, me, me” mentality. It can help to think of it like this, "The best strategies for sharpening my skills are those that take me off the sidelines and on to a court filled with people who can help me reach the goal quicker." Remember that just like these other cool collaborations, working in a team doesn’t have to hide your talents. Instead, it can help you to stand out, creating something truly unique and wonderful together. Because nobody crosses that finish line alone.




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