Agile Content Marketing - the Best Approach to Branding

amplify Mar 14, 2020

These days, many companies are building their brands through Agile Content Marketing.

As one of the most effective ways to magnetize customers and generate leads, content marketing gets a lot of buzz. Content Marketing develops branding, based on content that speaks to the target audience. 

Agile Content Marketing goes even further. Being "agile" means paying close attention to feedback, and using it to further refine the company's marketing strategy.

Simply put, Content Marketing Works Like This:

Marketing Plan -- Create a multi-channel marketing strategy based around content the company thinks is valuable to the target audience. 

Deploy Content -- Content is created and deployed through marketing channels.

Evaluate Feedback -- Comments, shares, and "likes" for each piece of content are evaluated.

Optimize Content Strategy -- Based on feedback, the strategy is tweaked, to make content more valuable for the target audience. 

The Benefits of Agile Content Marketing:

Build the Audience -- Content is designed to attract an audience of people who are interested in what the company does. The better the content, the more likely this audience is to share it with friends, which further builds the audience. 

Generate Leads -- The initial goal of content marketing is not necessarily sales. The focus is on building trust with the audience so that people will volunteer their contact information. By doing this, they indicate a willingness to be marketed to. In this way, a percentage of the audience is transformed into a group of highly qualified leads. 

Increased Sales -- The conversion rate for leads generated through content marketing is very high. Emails to this kind of list have a 4% conversion rate -- meaning that 4% of the leads are converted to customers. Compare this to a 2.5% conversion rate of people who find a company's site through an online search and .5% conversion for social media leads. 

The strategic use of effective, original content positions a company as the authority in its niche. When people want information on certain topics, they go to the company's website. Agile content marketing keeps the company tuned into the needs and desires of its audience, making it easier to hold its leadership position.



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