5 Must-Have Mobile Marketing Tactics to Include in Your Business Plan

amplify Apr 12, 2019

In this article, you'll learn...

  •       Why every business owner needs to leverage a mobile marketing plan
  •       Five key action steps towards implementing your mobile strategy

Truth be told, as we quickly approach 2015, it is critical that your business has an effective mobile marketing strategy to reach the vast array of people who are using their cell phones to access the Internet. In fact, US adults spend an average of 34 hours per month accessing the Internet with their mobile devices! In addition, almost 45% of mobile users are downloading social network apps such as Facebook and Twitter.

With these profound statistics, the key is to include a mobile strategy that not only positions you in front of your target market but also gives you a slight edge above your competition while delivering value. Consider the following five tactics as an overview of crafting your unique mobile marketing plan.

#1 Creating your own mobile app

Think about the current problems your business solves for the marketplace…how can you incorporate that with your mobile app? You see, even if it’s free, people are only going to download the app if they feel that it can serve them in some way and fulfill a need. Make it useful, unique, and intriguing. If you are stuck on where to start, here are a few tips on creating an app that consumers will love.

#2 Monetize your app

Along with your free app, consider adding premium upgraded features which include more content for an extra fee. You can give users the option of just sticking to the free version or investing more to gain access to cool add-ons.

#3 Have a mobile-friendly website

You can easily use subdomains to set up your site mainly for mobile users. The webpage will appear differently on their smartphone than it would if they were to use a desktop. The goal is to customize it in a way that makes it easy for navigation and allows for smooth transactions from the placing of the order to the checkout page.

There are many choices to optimizing your site for mobile devices. Prior to delving into this project full-fledged, have total clarity on the options available to you and what’s best for your company.

#4 Integrate it with social media

This shouldn’t be a big surprise. According to First Data, 81% of smartphone users check social media to read reviews prior to making purchases.  Marketers who have combined their mobile marketing with social media sharing and customer reviews are reaping the benefits of this match made in heaven. Amazon and Etsy are prime examples of companies profiting from this mobile strategy.

#5 Don’t forget about SMS

Having an SMS marketing program where you text your customers and list regarding specials, discounts, and coupon offers is a huge advantage to mobile marketing. The majority of iPhone and Android users are but an arms’ length away from their phone, constantly checking for any updates, emails…and you guessed it, text messages. This is a brilliant method to keep your customers in the know. 

Now that you have a solid foundation of where, to begin with, your mobile marketing, start creating a plan that builds on these tactics to further your reach and expose your business to the massive world of mobile users!



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