5 Creative Methods to Help Capturing Leads

amplify Jul 12, 2019

As a marketer, capturing leads consistently is an integral part of the job. To keep your sales cycle flowing, new leads need to be regularly added or else the cycle dries up, and the business ends up floundering.

Once you’ve set up a lead capture system, you need to continuously revisit it to ensure that it’s working. As new leads become repeat customers, alter your systems so that any potential leads that your repeat customers bring in, aren’t fed the same material, which can easily become stale and outdated.

Methods of capturing leads can and will continue to evolve as technology does, so that means your marketing team must stay on top of their game and come up with creative methods of keeping the sales cycle full.

5 Creative Ways to Capture Leads

Keeping the sales cycle full means marketers have to keep on their toes and think outside the box. A simple funnel isn’t going to cut it anymore, so that means it is time to get creative. Here are five ways to do just that.

1. Create Interactive/Free Content

Consumers like free, there’s no getting around that. So, instead of getting around it, use it to your advantage! Free and interactive content can come in hundreds, if not thousands, of different forms, including:

  •       Help/how-to videos
  •       Interviews with industry experts
  •       Quizzes on your website
  •       Customizable templates
  •       Calculators
  •       Infographics/other visuals
  •       Industry-relevant timelines

The options are abundant, and the more creative you get, the more likely you are to capture new leads.

2. Leverage Customer Reviews

As a marketer, you know just how vital customer reviews can be for attracting and capturing leads. Alternatively, did you know that it’s possible to leverage those customer reviews in different ways? Sure, customer reviews can be used to help your overall Yelp ratings, but did you know you can use them as creative testimonials and turn them in to user-generated content?

Customer reviews also have several significant SEO advantages, especially your local SEO. Not only does Google favor highly-rated sites, but reviews can also help boost long-tail keyword traffic and stimulates overall social conversation. Even more important, 84% of customers state that they trust online reviews just as much, if not more than personal recommendations. So if capturing leads is at the top of your to-do list, you’ll want to make sure you are prioritizing and leveraging customer reviews to their full extent.

3. Invest in Email Marketing

Technology is ever-changing, and people are turning to email more for receiving information and marketing materials. In fact, around 72% of consumers have stated that they would rather receive promotional content through email than social media.

What makes email marketing so great is the fact that it gives marketers countless options for creating personalized and relevant material to help them capture new leads. From welcome campaigns to win back and newsletter campaigns, the possibilities for creating a unique lead capture system truly are endless.

4. Look for Different Cross-Promotion Opportunities

When most marketers these days think of cross-promotion opportunities, they often limit their thought process to social media and cross-promoting across their various profiles. Here’s the thing—your options don’t end there!

Cross-promotion opportunities can quite literally mean anything, especially when it comes to capturing new leads. Again, it requires your marketing team to think outside the box. The only real requirement here is making sure that you pay attention to your niche and where they may be.

One example of outstanding cross-promotion is the teamwork between Spotify and Uber. These mega-brands have little in common. However, they do have a shared customer base. Think about it, when in the car many people turn on the radio and listen to music. However, others don’t own a car but don’t particularly want to talk to their taxi or Uber driver, so they put on their headphones and play their favorite Spotify playlist.

How genius is it that Uber and Spotify decided to cross-promote one another by creating Spotify playlists for Uber’s massive audience.

5. Become One with Your Community

Capturing leads consistently requires you to be more than a business—it requires you to be a part of your community. To build trust amongst your potential leads, you must show them that you aren’t just about making a sale, but instead, want to provide something of quality to them.

To do this, take the time to encourage and participate in open communications amongst your audience. This can take on the form of a Reddit or Twitter AMA, commenting and adding value to other comments throughout your industry and more. The more you are trusted as a member of the community; the easier capturing leads becomes.

Wrapping Up

Capturing leads is about more than making a sale. To keep your brand afloat, you need to keep your sales cycle alive and healthy. Not only does that mean bringing in new leads, but it also requires bringing back repeat customers. Therefore, it is vital to keep your lead capture system fresh. Otherwise, you’ll begin to see a decline in repeat and new customers.

Remember to get creative and think entirely outside the box, and you’ll see that your sales cycle remains healthy.


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