4 Tricks to Take Your Sales Leadership from Good to Great

lead Nov 14, 2019

Sales are the lifeline of a business, and without them, there is no revenue to sustain the company.  This is why strong sales leadership is a valuable asset to a business, but acquiring it is not always easy.  Does your company have strong leadership? Here are a few things to look for when putting your sales team together. 

Do your sales leaders inspire?

Just watch a couple of episodes of Shark Tank and you'll see the difference between someone who desperately believes in their product, and one who is just trying to make some cash from a deal.  You want the desperate ones on your team; the people who inspire others to believe in them and what they are selling. Your company may sell burgers, but your sales leaders need to believe that burgers will change the way people enjoy food.  In some ways, your sales leaders are life coaches. They must be able to inspire their sales team to be passionate about their career.  

Do your sales leaders appreciate?

Remember when you were a kid and everyone told you how amazing you were at everything?  Well, adults need the same type of encouragement. Not just compliments thrown out to make them feel good, but genuine appreciation and admiration for what they do best.  Your sales leaders should be leaving thank-you notes for the sales representatives. Let them take the sales team out to an appreciation dinner. The more reward and encouragement your leaders give out, the more passion you'll see in return.  

Do your sales managers lead by example?

Even sales managers need bosses to motivate them.  They need accountability, too, because their team will often behave the way they do.  If they see your sales managers doing a slack job, they will feel comfortable doing it, too.  Complacency starts at the top.  

Do your sales leaders celebrate rejection?

It takes a very special person to handle day-to-day sales.  The job comes with a lot of "no's", but for every rejection, a "yes" is around the corner.  Sales teams have a hard time visualizing this sometimes, so making sure your sales leaders are rewarding the rejections instead of penalizing the sales team for it is important.  It will inspire them to push through the "no's" instead of taking a break after a tough rejection.  

Instead of relying so much on performance spreadsheets, give these tips a shot.  And if you really feel like inspiring them, put a ping pong table in the office!


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