4 Simple and Effective Tips That Can Make You Wildly Successful... at EVERYTHING.

do Dec 15, 2019

Christmas break is about togetherness and feasts, gifts and cocoa and, if you are a member of the human race, about taking your entire Christmas vacation to complain about how the office cannot run without you. In a world where we are constantly connected to everything and everyone, being home may often feel more like being at work - just in our own chair – but you can’t read random blogs in your work chair…


So today, in honor of your portable office, here are 4 effective tips that can make you wildly successful… in business, in life and in keeping your sanity. Imagine that.


Make Time for Marriage/Your Kids/Your Relationship/Your Speed Dating Adventures/Your Dog/Your First-Grade Teacher/Your Pet Rock/Your Underground Punk Band/Your Weird Friend Stephen.


We are all on different paths and no two relationships or romantic lives are exactly alike… hence the long-winded title. Sadly, one thing that goes out of the window first when we over-invest in our business is our relationships. Success is not only a driving force but also a great excuse to pour ourselves into something worthwhile.


Don’t get me wrong.


You must be passionate about what you do to be successful. If you hate your job and have found yourself on the cover of Forbes, you probably also have either connections or magic beans, and if you do, you can mail them to me. I also accept genies in bottles, magic wands and gyros… (hey, I just like gyros.)


While you are climbing your way to the top, or just trying to stay up there, you cannot afford to let your relationships become the second tier. Networking, making-things-happen and closing big deals, it’s intoxicating, but if you wake up one day and those things are gone, you’ll live. You’ll get by. If your dog runs away because you haven’t walked him in a year, you’ll feel like pure and utter crap.


Remember what matters. Make time for what matters. I fully believe that the universe appreciates a heart that is in the right place and rewards it accordingly. If you’ve already dropped the ball here, forgive yourself, then, retrieve the ball and get back in the game so you can get it right next time.


Chill Out… Stress is Making You Normal.


According to the Huffington Post, 8 out of 10 people are stressed out about at least one aspect of their careers. Basically, this means that the average person is a ball of nerves on a daily basis. Stress is making us average. What’s worse, with 83% of the population stressed out about one thing or another, we are shortening our lives and may be predisposed for conditions such as high blood pressure and stroke.  


If you want to stand out, sit down a minute. You aren’t going to build that company to the top in a day. That’s ok. That’s part of the journey and, you will find, that in business and in life, you never completely arrive at the destination. If you did, where else would you have to go?


Network Authentically.


Conventions, luncheons, and office parties… oh my. If you just stepped into the world of corporate America, big-business or entrepreneur endeavors, you may be a little overwhelmed with LinkedIn, or the fear of being left out.


Networking gatherings are always interesting. Newbies are wondering how to act. Veterans are watching newbies wander around aimlessly and go-getters are go-getting every opportunity insight. It would be a lot easier if we all just stopped dancing around each other and became genuinely invested in the people behind the titles.


I have been around the business block enough to know that despite an ever-growing stack of business cards, I still only have a handful of people who I know that I can ask for a favor and they will roll out the red carpet for me. These relationships are the ones that I have invested in and who have invested in me. These are the people I genuinely like as human beings. The key to networking is networking authentically. Be interested in the person you are meeting. Don’t get caught up in “what can you do for me.” These relationships are a dime a dozen and while you should always seek to grow your network, you must be willing to do the groundwork or else you’ll just grow a stack of cards.


Be Dependable. Be Accountable. Be Open to What Adversity is Teaching You.


Whether you are looking for investors, trying to get prompted, attempting to get hired by that Fortune 500 company or just trying to stay afloat, a good analogy for becoming the leader that you want to be is to remember a time when you were being led. We all have that one boss (or personal acquaintance) that was deplorable, or at least, we thought they were at the time. They took credit for our work. They blamed us when the plan didn’t go right. They hired and fired people left and right.


Whatever it was, think of this person as fate’s way of showing you how to be your best-self by revealing to you the kind of leader that you do not want to become.


Maybe I’m having an Oprah moment, but I am an eternal optimist and I believe that life has a way of putting difficult people in our path who can help us to grow into who we should be. How you respond to that person will dictate who you become and, the good news is that it is never too late to learn what they had to teach you.


If nothing else, striving to be the opposite of what offended you on the deepest level can get you one step closer to the future ahead of you.


I know, I know, “YOU get a car! And YOU get a car! And YOU get a car! EVERYBODY gets a car!!” Hey, cut me a break. I just finished a Hallmark movie marathon. I won’t be back to normal for at least a week. Even that is questionable.




As you recline back in your home chair and “do work,” from my home chair to yours, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a successful New Year.



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