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I love what I do:

Hello there. I'm Joshua Harrell. I love what I do.

Today, I get to work with high achievers, from CEOs of well-known corporations to solopreneurs all who want to become more, do more, amplify their message and become leaders in their field. Together we push past mental blocks and external obstacles getting more out of both their personal and professional life.

I am an American entrepreneur, coach, author of Digital Marketing Strategies For Your Business, and creator of the Show Up +Shine Planner.

I host my own podcast, The Phenomenal Show too.

My experience working for many years with brands like bareMinerals, Georgia-Pacific, QVC, and building several of my own consumer brands from scratch, has allowed me to use that knowledge to help others steer their business to success and avoid common pitfalls.

My work keeps me focused on my students and clients achieving phenomenal success in their professional life, but also in their personal lives. I am a firm believer that you can't have balance in one without having balance in the other, so my approach to coaching and consulting is holistic.

Today, I jump out of bed with a big smile on my face because this is more than a job; I'm on a mission. I help people realize the phenomenal force that they are by visualizing the life they want, putting their unique talents into motion, and helping them actualize the life of their dreams.


There was a time in my life when I was all I could do is look in the mirror every morning before work and say, "You gotta make that paper. Keep that shit tight." That is the only thing that got me to go to work.

I didn't have the energy nor the desire to continue doing what I was doing, but I also didn't have any passion for doing anything else. It started to affect my personal life: my relationships, my physical and mental well being.

See, I was working for charismatic leaders who could rally the troops, but there weren't authentic. They cared about me just enough to get me to do what they needed doing. And, they'd be more than happy that I continue doing that for years to come or at least until they cashed out after selling their company.

I became a victim of identity theft in the process. By identity theft, I mean that I didn't have an identity without them. When I was forced to move on, I was lost in a downward spiral.

Fortunately, and by chance, I had the opportunity to be a millionaire. I had the freedom to do all the things that I ever wanted to do. So, I created a gazillion businesses, invested in various projects, and traveled. I thought I was living my best life.

But money changes everything.

I didn't respect money. I threw cash at my businesses with the hope that they would be successful.

I didn't understand the stock market, and 2008 happened.

I lost everything. Not only did I lose my businesses, but I also lost my home, and friends...most didn't want to know. I was out of control and couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel.

But I knew it didn't have to be that way. I knew I had to make some changes!

I knew I could be better:

I had to develop a clear understanding of who I was, what I had to offer the world. I had to be the master of my life and become a lifelong learner.

I knew I could do more:

I had to become more efficient. I became a master of productivity! 20% of your work indeed yields 80% of your results. I had to learn what that 20% was and focus on it. If I could do that, I would create a better workflow in my day job, improve the outcomes in my side hustle, and have time at the end of the day for myself and my family.

I needed to amplify my message:

Be heard and seen. I knew I had something special, unique, even dare I say, phenomenal to offer the world. With my solid background in building brands, I had to pull the best tricks out of that hat.

I had to lead:

I knew I couldn't do what I wanted to do in the world without a team of people to get me there. I needed to lead the way by inspiring them. If I did that, I know they would show up in my corner every time. I also wanted to be a role model for others, and I couldn't do that in the passenger's seat.

The day I committed to these actions is the day that everything shifted. I wasn't playing an extra in my life story; I had speaking roles. I was the star. Instead of absorbing light, I chose to radiate light. I felt phenomenal. There was a force inside that I could no longer contain.

I channeled that force into learning, observing, and experiencing as much as I could about life and relationships, productivity, marketing and business, and leadership. I applied what I learned to be:

  • an indispensable teammate and individual contributor

  • a servant and empathetic leader

  • a supportive partner, family member, and friend

  • a dreamer whose imagination cannot be contained

Today I clear the path for my students and clients through my books, courses, podcasts, livestreams, and seminars. I share my experience, so they can get where they want to go faster.

For some, they want to land that dream job or get that promotion. Others want to turn their side hustle into a thriving business. And others want to fit as much living into this life as humanly possible.

The one thing they all have in common is that they want more and I get immense joy helping them get it.

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